Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday


According to CNN Money we American’s spent nearly 52.4 BILLION DOLLARS this weekend…..BILLION….with a B. 

black friday

This cartoon along with the following headlines just about sum up how I feel about “Black Friday”…..

Woman pepper sprays other shoppers to gain upper hand

Girls Punch Each Other Over Yoga Pants at Victoria’s Secret

Mayhem over $2.00 Waffle Maker

Grandfather Smashed to Ground trying to protect grandson

Shoppers walk around, stepped over dead body

SERIOUSLY?…..while this year nothing stopped me from participating in this annual romp of excess I am happy to have given it up years ago.  Next year Black Friday will be at the very end of our 11 Month Project so if you need an excuse to break this annual tradition feel free to use the Project as a way out and just have a lovely lunch with your sister, girlfriend, mother, daughter, whomever instead.


  1. Read your post over at Jen Hatmaker's blog...excited to hear about this and see what happens!

  2. I love that Black Friday is included in the 11 month project. I don't actually take part in it. Instead I normally try to meet up with girlfriends and see the latest chic-flick.