Monday, November 21, 2011

Prep Mission

In the weeks leading up to the official start of The 11 Month Project we are going to do some prep missions.  These missions are designed not to declutter, although your welcome to do that if you wish, or necessarily to clean, but rather to make us more aware of what we really have.

Most of us have accumulated “stuff” in direct proportion to the amount of space we have.  We have filled every nook and cranny in our lives with some object.  AND if you are anything like me, one day while looking through a closet, cupboard or dresser you will stumble upon some long lost treasure.  Just last week while looking through linens for a guest’s visit I found the most beautiful table cloth that I bought last year, stuck it away for the PERFECT occasion and then promptly forgot I even had it.

So this week our mission is to simply take an inventory of that place you stick your treasures…..a gift closet, a linen closet, a drawer, where ever it is you tend to stick things you have purchased with a plan to use later.

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