Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deck The Halls


The 11 Month Project has not officially started yet, but it has seeped into my consciousness in a very real way.

Christmas shopping has been especially interesting.  I love shopping not only for Christmas gifts but also for Christmas decorations.  That amazing new table cloth, the stocking holder that is too cute for words, even adorable wrapping paper that would be stunning under the tree.  I love it ALL.  We don’t have a perfectly manicured tree festooned with ribbon and bows all in perfect rows, thematic ornaments that shine just so and are placed for perfect glimmer and balance….our tree is a collection of ornaments we have picked up over the years because we thought they were cute, or based on something we particularly enjoyed….thus a whole series of odd little hiking, backpacking, camping ornaments from REI…or made by our children or foster children.  It’s a big green history book.  So we will be adding a new ornament or two to the tree this year.

BUT as my husband brought in the giant green storage containers from the garage stuffed full of decorations, table clothes, towels, napkins, lights, swags, wreaths, decorations galore….all lovely, all well loved when they were purchased and all these things see the light of day for what? 6, 8 weeks max?  Do I really need anything else to store for 10 months?  AND I don’t know about you but every single year I find something I had purchased and had forgotten about. 

So while technically we have not embarked on our 11 month journey yet – have you thought about things you can do to make the 11 months easier?  Is there anything you are going to find particularly hard to give up buying?  We are three weeks away from the official start…are you ready?


  1. I need to unsubscribe to Groupon and all of the million daily deal sites I am currently subscribed to! Also, I have been working on getting catalogs stopped from being delivered to my house (plus, this helps save trees too!). And, I won't be able to step foot in Hobby Lobby.

  2. Charis - that is a VERY good idea.

  3. i love this!!! i am going to try real hard to get my family on board with this...it sounds fun now, and hopefully it will stay important and i won't just blow it off. i will look on fb for the "support group." i have a husband that LOVES to eat out! and 3 kids 10, 7, 3...it will be a challenge, but worth it.

  4. I imagine we will still be eating out from time to time as well :-)