Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thinking Ahead….

The official start of The 11 Month Project is a mere 11 days away and although I had not planned to “stock up” on items I would surely want, but may not neatly fit into my ideal definition of necessary, today while putting on my make-up I realized that I MUST.

012This eyeliner is NOT going to make it 11 more months.  Making matters worse, every time I sharpen it, the tip breaks off IN the sharpener….not such a big deal, since I apply it with an angle brush, but still a big reason my little nub of eyeliner won’t stand the test of time.  But in a nod to the spirit of the project I replaced it with a MUCH cheaper brand.

Part of the goal of The 11 Month Project is thoughtful spending.  My Perscriptives pencil is MUCH loved.  It goes on like butter and stays put all day long but at $17.50 I knew I could do better. 

PALLADIO – you guys have to try this product line.  It has been around since 1999 and was actually formed with the principal idea of providing high quality products at affordable prices.  My new eyeliner…….HELLO……$2.99!!!  Ulta didn’t have the exact color I wanted so I picked a softer shade.  But did you all catch that TWO DOLLARS NINETY NINE CENTS.  Palladio’s entire line is herbal and vitamin enriched and completely affordable….I’m hooked.  I’m also very picky about what I use on my face since being introduced to Dr. Lancer and his products.  The Palladio pencil fits my pick nature perfectly, it is not so hard it feels like it is stretching my skin to apply it.  It has lasted all day long and looks as good as it did this morning.  I am going to urge you to check out this product line during The 11 Month Project.  I can not go out in public with out make-up for the next 11 months (ya’ll should be thanking me for THAT) but I can be more practical in my make-up purchases.

Are you guys ready for January 1st?

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