Thursday, February 23, 2012

8 Weeks Down

We are 8 weeks into the 11 Month Project!!!

First I have to apologize for being MIA for the last few weeks.  Computer problems and the start of Spring Football have had me over my head in work. have you guys done?  I can tell you we had one little slip BUT it was so little it was MAJOR. For our family The 11 Month Project is about living with our blessings, enjoying what we own and not adding more "stuff" to an already crowded apartment.  January was going along perfectly with everyone on board, even the 9 year old was reminding us and herself that we are not buying "things" this year.  One trip to LA for Chinese New Year was our Achilles heel, it happened without even any thought....we had found the perfect spot to sit and watch the parade but we were about an hour early so that left lots of time to wander the shops.  Shops in Los Angeles' China Town are much like shops in any town in China, small and packed with everything you can imagine.  So the husband and the 9 year old left me, quite literally, on the curb and went out exploring.  When they returned they had in hand 2 confetti poppers (giant cardboard tubes - think the tubes that wrapping paper comes on - filled with streamers and confetti that "explode" out when you twist the tube)....OK, while not necessary they still fit in with our Project rules as they won't be returning to the house and are consumables.  They also had those noise makers that explode when you throw them on the ground...again, consumables, won't be returning to the house....a complete waste of money....but still fit in our Project rules.  Then I saw it....the deal breaker....a small plastic drum...$ broke EVERY RULE.  Most importantly it was one of those thoughtless purchases that doesn't cost a lot but adds to "junk" in the house.

That slip aside January was a stellar month and that $3.00 purchase actually served as a great reminder of easy it is to slip back into the purchasing trap.

This weekend I'll share with you the very best pancake mix recipe in the world!!!

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