Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week One….

So, it’s been a week since the official start of The 11 Month Project.  How’d you do?

I do my grocery shopping on Sunday and do the bulk of my shopping at Costco…pun intended.  I find that even for just the three of us things are much cheaper there BUT I get drawn in like some sort of freaky side show by the non-food related items.  There is always something that I am just sure would make life so much easier.  Sunday was no different.

Coscto now carries this magic soda machine….pour in water, add a C02 canister and POW carbonated water…conveniently they also sell the flavored syrup.  No more lugging cans or bottles of soda.  You can make your drinks, your own flavors, just have plain seltzer water……a dream!!  Well it has sucked my daughter right in with its magical fizzy powers and even, in a moment of weakness, had me thinking “Wow, that would be great”.  Anyone who knows me knows how silly the idea of this is…..FIRST the 11 Month Project has just started so buying it is out of the question but SECOND, and perhaps the most important….I HAVEN’T HAD A SIP OF SODA IN 10 YEARS.  In those 10 years the only carbonated beverage that has even crossed my lips has been of an “adult” nature.  My daughter and husband DO drink soda but in such a limited amount it would take more than a year for this “must have” item to save us a single dime and by then we’d surely be bored with this new toy.

Soooo, I walked away and continued on with grocery shopping.  What did you walk away from this week?


  1. Kimberly MusselwhiteJanuary 8, 2012 at 6:36 AM

    Hi, great first example for your new challenge. I have never ordered anything off of tv but about gave in to the InStyle infomercial yesterday. BUT I didn't and for now will continue to use my 20 year old hot rollers and look for the InStyle in a thrift store or yard sale.

  2. Kimberly, are you talking about that curling iron with the rotating barrel? If so I would HIGHLY recommend that you find a friend with one and see if she will let you borrow it for a few days. I have one. Again it was sooooo awesome, I KNEW it was going to make such a difference in styling my hair. A MUST HAVE item. I NEVER use it. It doesn't do a good job straightening my hair. My hair is not shinier when I use it. And to top it off it was $ seriously...$100 and it just sits under the bathroom sink unused.

  3. Clearance Sales and shopping for entertainment. I know, it doesn't sound sacrificial, but it was an improvement over last year. Baby steps!

  4. well these first weeks, we actually have been selling stuff on craigslist to try to clear out some of the clutter. We have done a pretty good job so far. It has been wonderful, especially since seeing the difference this much open room makes in my happiness level, I have not been tempted at all to buy anything extra. I can't even tell you how great it is to be able to walk around in here without zig zagging around boxes. I hope this will keep me satisfied for a few months (i'll be happy with a few weeks) and we will go from there!

  5. I am still on the first of the year high, ready to start fresh and make some new changes. Clear out the "stuff" that takes my time, cleaning it, moving it, organizing it, and instead having more time for my family. The growing number in my savings account is another bonus.
    One of our family rules is no eating out. The other day I was running behind, grabbed juice boxes, apples, bananas, and yogurt for the boys to eat for lunch, on our way around town i thought it might not be enough and was going to drive through McDonalds, my 5 yr old "enforcer" reminded me that Dad said no McDonalds. We ate our food that i had brought from home and we all felt a lot more energized that afternoon. We are loving the challenge so far, but we have only just begun.....

  6. I love the idea of selling the "stuff" to clear some of the physical clutter. Carmen - I also have a 9 year old enforcer. I think it helps so much to get the family involved. It becomes more of a "game" that no one wants to lose.